Cassette tape deconstruction
This cassette reel holder is made of plastic to be strong enough to not break but metal would be to hard and the tape would not run smoothly.
this casing is made of plastic because it is very durable and will not break easily it does not need to be ergonomical because you will not need to hold it for long because it will go in the cassette player machine.
This cassette reel is made of cellulose acetate coated with iron oxide to ensure the fidelity and durability this is surprisingly a strong material although it is very flimsy it is not ergonomic because it is encased
This is a thin plastic sheet probably made of low density polythene which is thin and flexible and is a good insulator of electricity
these screws are made of stainless steel because it is cheap and easy to make.
this is probably made of high density polythene because it is nice and brittle and will fare well.

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