Torch deconstruction
Battery- a battery is made up an anode and cathode. Anode is a metal and cathode is an oxide This is a good material as it powers the battery. If the anode fuel is recycled it is very good for the enviroment.<br> How battery is made - material, production process, manufacture, making, used, parts, components
Rubber grip- a rubber grip is used to give the user firm control. This stops it falling and provides comfort. This is useful an ergonomic manner. It is made from a substance known as latex. Latex makes it loose but fits if stretched.If the latex is natural it is sustainable and if it isn't an improvement would be to make it natural. An easy-to-understand introduction to the world's favorite stretchy material. Includes: what rubber is, where it comes from, how it's made.
Light bulbs- The light bulbs are the most important part of the torch. It is made of glass and gases such as argon. It works when a wire is heated up until a glow emerges making light Incandescent light bulb - Wikipedia
<h3>Glass- This is the end of the torch. It is most likely toughened glass as this does not break easily. For example if you dropped the torch and if it landed on the edge the glass would not shatter. If you recycle it it can be useful as a lot of materials are made from toughened glass such as car windows.</h3> Today, flat glass comes in many highly specialised forms depending on its use, after it has been further processed to give it certain qualities or specificities.
Circuit board- The circuit board is often considered one of the most important parts of anything electrical as it connects electrical parts together. The base of it is often made of solder (a type of plastic), however this does not conduct electricity. This is why they use metal wires, often made of copper, as it conducts electricity. This allows the electricity to go where it is needed. Moreover, copper is quite a cheap substance to produce. Although it isn't the most important part of the circuit board, the base/plastic part is bad for the environment. Why? Plastic is made of precious oil which is being wasted all the time. Since the base is connected to the wires you can not repair it easily. This means if the board breaks, you will have to buy a new one, giving companies a lot of profit. It does not need to be comfortable as humans do not interact with it, meaning companies can use any plastic and metal that works. Printed circuit board - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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