Set player deconstruction
Plastic Protective Layer: This layer is used so that the set player is easy to hold. It is also there to make sure nothing of the technical work e.g. chips, wires, screws and batteries are not exposed this is to make sure that if it falls down it doesn't break. This is the main reason the set player has a hard outer plastic coating. It is plastic because plastic is not so expensive an, it is durable. Making it a perfect material for the outer coating of a set player. I think it's shape is relitavily nice shape making it comfortable to hold . I think the plastic outer coating might be made from Polypropylene I think this is because it is hard and stiff this is good because it will keep the mechanical work safe. It might also be good because it does have good resistance to chemicals. Also it is cheap making it easy to make many without wasting a lot of money. It is also recyclable meaning it can be moulded into something again, although it does need a bit of new polypropylene to keep its properties, because when it's recycled it loses some of these. Learn about polypropylene, the versatile plastic that is used throughout daily life and has become a common piece for packaging and plastic products.
Screws: Screws have been revolutionary objects since they were made . The first metal screws were made in the Renaissance. Although the first concept of the screw was thought in 200 BC. How screw is made - material, manufacture, making, history, used, parts, procedure, machine, History
Batteries: Batteries have been revolutionary objects since they were invented in 1800 by Volta. The first battery was a lot of zinc and copper together. It also had pieces of leather, damped in vinegar. From that very day in 1800 it has grown immensely and there are now many different types of batteries. Here are just a few examples of the new developed batteries. Discover the history of the battery, early batteries and other details about generating electricity, in our online library of articles on the battery.
Memory Chip : Probably the most important part of the set player. It contains all the technical parts it gives the instructions and operates and operates the set player.

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