A cassette player deconstruction
Rubber bands Rubber bands are made from vulcanized rubber. They were used to spin things around that weren't necessarily attached to motors. Lets say you had a motor and you had a cog that didn't have enough space in front of the motor. How were you going to spin the cog. A rubber band of course. Attach the rubber ban to the motor and the cog and, hey presto, the cog is turning. m.youtube.com Call - +91 - 9486384560 muthaelastomers@yahoo.com
wiring The wiring is used to ferry electricity around the cassette player. It is made of copper cable surrounded by rubber casing. The metal is to carry the electricity as it is a great conductor. The rubber, however, doesn't let the electricity through and it is therefore safe to handle the cassette player www.electricianschristchurch.net
Batteries The batteries are the power source of the electricity. They come full of electricity and cahoots be recharged. They are made of 60% metals such as zinc, potassium and magnesium, 15% paper and plastic and 25% steel. rightbattery.com
motor The motor is used to spin the cassette tape round and round. They are made of a combination of many things including copper wire and graphite or carbon. www.nmbtc.com
acrylic case The case hold the all of the mechanics in place. It is made of acrylic plastic. All the other plastic sections are made of the same thing.
Electronic chip. This chip is basically a mini computer. It sends all the instructions to the other parts of the cassette player. It is mainly made of silicon upload.wikimedia.org

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