Blue LEGO Jet deconstruction
Lego is made out of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which is a strong and resilient plastic. The plastic has to be quite strong because some children attempt to break pieces in half.
This Lego piece is of course ABS plastic and is manufactured to have to a shape like the wing of a plane for the particular Lego sculpture that these pieces join to create. Like all Legos it will have title knobs and crevices so that pieces slot easily on top of each other and it will be less easy to break apart so that the Lego sculpture is somewhat durable
Material: ABS plastic Colour: White This piece is slightly different to that other is the sense it has a little joint with can be used to alter the the shape and movement of the overall piece
Material:ABS Shape: Grey rectangular piece constructed to give base layer support to the Lego sculpture. Thin as to not fall of the Lego sculpture but to stay secure and not to be taken off easily.
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What materials is Lego made of? ABS, is the main plastic for Lego bricks however Lego uses a modern formula to make their ABS. All plastic used by LEGO is a proprietary version of Lanxess’ Novodur ABS, Makrolon polycarbonate (for transparent elements) and Macrolex dyes for coloring About 4 years ago, the first Lego set entered our house.   I think it started with a present for the first birthday party that my son was invited too.  After that, it was only a matter of time before I gave in to my son’s pleas for a Lego set of his very own.  I admit that, over the years, I have enabled my son’s Lego addiction.  Yes, you read that right, addiction.  My most recent enabling gift, … Read more
Ergonomics and Anthropometrics The brightly coloured blocks are used to attract the attention of children so. That the children will ask their parent for the Lego sets. Lego was originally designed for children as the small parts require perfect eyesight and small nimble fingers. Most Lego boxes have the appropriate ages on the front for the patents to see. Lego in stores is usally seen at eye level so that is will be acessible to children and adults.

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