Torch Deconstruction
light this is three light bulbs on a silicon base, each light bulb is an airtight glass container in which there is a metal (tungsten) filament which when you put electricity through lights up. both the silicon and tungsten are mined so are on a limited supply and are difficult to extract from the bulb. UCSB Science Line
Plastic (high density polythene) casing for batteries and electrics including the lights. The plastic is a carbon compound made of oil and therefore has not got very good sustainability and was made to be cheap so it is quite uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. This Revision Bite looks at the materials used in resistant materials, and their working properties
plastic (polystyrene) cover over lights to help protect against things coming in such as dust and also for your safety as light bulbs can be really hot so the plastic is there to protect you as well as the lights. They used polystyrene because it is see through and tough but is is not very sustainable as though it can be recycled it was a hassel to take out so most people would just throw the torch away as it was very cheap .
steel wiring to transport electricity to and from the batteries and light-bulb.the outside electrical insulator is made of low density polythene. steel is quite cheap and you can recycle it infinitely so it is quite a good choice but the polythene is also made from refined oil and is not economically friendly.