A torch deconstruction
The rubber part is probably there to add extra grip so the product won't fall out of your hands. This is also much more comfortable when holding for long periods of time. Rubber is also lightweight and this is probably why they have used rubber in this particular place. i.ebayimg.com
As you can see in the image, there is a blue and yellow bulb holder. This is made out plastic. This probably is because it is quite cheap to make. Also if you are changing the bulb, you would want to hold something soft. www.dansdata.com
The image shows that the top part of the torch is made from thick glass. This is probably because it is quite strong and will protect the bulb from any damage. If the bulb does brake, there will be a thick layer of glass to protect us from the harm that it could've caused if it shattered onto our hands. This is probably why it is made of glass www.pcmus.com
Batteries are made of zink. This is a sustainable source. These batteries are good as they last for a long time. This is as the makers would spend a lot of money making these but they'd probably sell them for extra and make profit. The people who but these batteries will make a lot of money as the customers like it and will continue to buy the batteries from the same make. The edges are all round so this helps us to hold onto the batteries with out hurting our hands on the edge. The sides are all really smooth. the batteries are made from 25% steel. Steel can be recycled infinitely. Therefore it is really sustainable. This means that it is safe for the environment. modernsurvivalblog.com

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