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President Rose welcomes incoming students to Bowdoin from the steps of the Walker Art Building. Bowdoin Quad to be officially greeted by the president and other College officials. Before Bowdoin President Clayton Rose addressed the class from the steps of…
The pine needle path to Whittier Field. - Sarah Cameron '05
Main lounge, back when it had couches. - Heather Kenvin '83
Throwing the first jersey party in Baxter. - Morgan '10
The view of the quad I often enjoyed as I left Mass Hall after my first year Jane Austen seminar classes with Professor Ann Kibbie! - Carolyn Williams '10
Meeting the group of girls who would become some of my best friends (Maine Hall) -Margaret Paul '02
The living room at the Women's Resource Center (now the Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity) where people would congregate on Thursday nights for good food and good conversation. - Daniel Robinson '07
Working with the football team all four years at Bowdoin, I spent many days (and cold nights) on these practice fields laughing with the Head AT Dan Davies and the boys. When I found myself stressed, I'd throw on a winter coat and head to the fields to stargaze. It's my Bowdoin "happy place". -Neli Vazquez '14
I know this as East Hall, as do some of the most amazing people I know. Being the first class to live here was one of the best things that ever happened to me! - Tim Poulin '10
Ashby House: I worked there for several summers when it was the Department of Anthropology and Sociology. - Laurie Friedman '81
Hubbard Hall: I was the first Geology major at Bowdoin and spent much time in the Geology lab as well as participating in many field trips with Dr. Hussey. I also remember the computer lab in Hubbard running programs on the Dartmouth computer. - Bob Armstrong '71
Basement of Coleman Hall: I lived in the basement my first year. We had great times playing hall hockey, watching tv and listening to Jethro Tull, the Beatles and the Greatful Dead, among others. Oh yeah, we did academic work as well. A good handful of lifelong friends came out of the basement. I remember that year fondly. - Joe Leghorn '74
Chapel (former Psychology department offices and classes): I took my favorite classes there and forged relationships with faculty there. I also tended experimental animals (rats and ferrets) housed in the chapel basement as a work study job. During summers, Cheryl Rosenthal '85 and I were research assistants and ate lunch sitting on the chapel floor. - Paula Nieman '85
The Quad: Thirty-three years ago my freshman classmate Michelle Small and I would have breakfast together at Coles Tower and head to our 8am classes. We'd part on the Quad as she headed for Searles and I for Massachusetts Hall. I'm quite sure I fell in love with Michelle on those walks. - Jeff Sullivan '86
The Pool: My best moment on campus was beating Colby at the Bowdoin/Colby meet in 2004. - Ryan Boutin '05
Many a fine hour was spent on the roof of AD, whether it was spent watching the Blue Angels practicing for the BNAS air show, launching water balloons across campus, or just hanging out talking. - Jim Sabo '92
Bear Necessity Pub: Spent many a night there and had the privilege of running it along with Pat Callahan until we closed down in the winter of '94 and moved over to the Jack Magee Pub in January of '95. - Brian Sung '95
The Moulton Union, where I enjoyed conversations over many cups of coffee, and later led the Career Planning Center. - Lisa Tessler '79
My three best friends were my roommates from senior year at Bowdoin. We lived in Chamberlain Quad and it was an amazing year with so many wonderful memories. We are still friends after 9 years and what I know for certain is that lifelong friendship starts at Bowdoin. - Nattawan Junboonta '10
<b></b>Evening chamber choir rehearsals in the chapel before Christmas break were pure magic. - Caitlin McHugh '07 I enjoyed a nice stroll around the Bowdoin Campus this evening. There's something in me that is screaming to capture every last snowy scene I can before we head into spring. These blue hour shots are my favorite in the winter, as the snow takes on a special quality.
Junior year, a couple seniors gave us keys to several buildings on campus, including Searles and the observatory. As seniors, we passed the keys on to continue the tradition. Might someone right now have the keys? I hope so. Current students: please visit the Susan Dwight Bliss Room. It's exquisite. - Dan Pearson '94
Old WBOR studios, Moulton Union: For my entire Bowdoin experience I had a radio show. I learned a lot about music and made friends I've kept to this day. - Erik Jorgensen '87
I met my husband on the Sills side of Winthrop on the third day of freshman year. I lived on the second floor and he lived on the third. - Kristin Stoetzel '94
Sigma Nu: I met my wife (Arlene, Bates '63) here on a blind date. We return for walks often. - Stan Nickerson '62
I'll probably get an earful for not choosing Psi U, but WBOR was my jam. This was the early 90's Roberts Era, and the station was a treehouse of indie rock, self-deprecating humor, creativity, solidarity, and love. I'd never felt so cool in a place, and I've never felt that cool anywhere since. - Pete Hodgin '94
Pickard Theater: All of my best memories are in this building - hanging lights, building sets, birthday parties, running shows every weekend, egg hunts, and a myriad of other things. Mostly, though, it was just being there with all my favorite people... - Kate Cunningham Bissell '01
The Quad: That elusive warm fall day in the first or second week of school when everyone is out sun-worshiping in their own way. No one knows why there is such joy until a month later when winter sets in. - Heather Lee Graesser '99
Studying in the room with the huge windows, midnight to 0400 stints in the computer center, at a reunion in 2004 following an intriguing scent to a fabulous small library room full of books bound with beeswax. - Calanthe Wilson-Pant '79
Gibson Hall practice rooms: practicing, composing, imagining and most importantly - a quiet and reflective place to try and figure out my philosophy of the world and my place in it. - C Martin Blanchard '82
Hatch Science Library Computer Lab: "The Cave" served as a secret place of study and respite, especially during those long winter nights. - Ivan Zhang '11
Sills Hall: Countless of hours spent in the LMC (then in the basement of Sills) and lots of wonderful memories from Russian, Italian and Japanese History classes in the building. - Mira Nikolova '13
Many hours playing bridge inside the Psi U house and volleyball out back. - Wayne Sanford '70
Bowdoin was not co-ed. The fraternity house was the place to socialize and to form relationships with scholars, athletes, upper classmen, lower classmen, and international students. Psi U had a pretty good cross section, a nice diversity of races, religion, ethnicities and interests. - Michael A. Fasulo '69
Rugby Pitch: I met some of the best people in the world on the women's rugby team. My teammates and the experiences we shared really made my Bowdoin career. - Emily Murray '14
In launching the Women's Resource Center in 1980, we believed we were bringing lasting, needed change to the campus and creating a safe, warm, educational and social space for those of us "outside the norm." So proud that it continues on in this tradition! - Linda Nelson '83
During our senior year at Bowdoin, we spent many Sunday mornings enjoying brunch and re-playing the previous night's hijinks in the dining hall. Those tables will forever mean great friends. - Gretchen Selcke '00
Some of my favorite memories occurred at Russwurm House. From African American Society meetings to Thanksgiving potlucks and parties, I made a lot of memories and friends for a lifetime. This space holds a special place in my heart. - Symone '15
Copeland House: Putting a very small group of first years in a tiny house at the farthest reaches of campus was probably not a great idea, but it led to very close friendships and lots of fun times in "Siberia". - Jessica Guertin Johnson '94
For me, there is no better place than the rugby pitch in the fall. I made some great friends and learned a lot about myself toiling underneath the setting sun and the autumn leaves. - Mike Balulescu '03
<div>I lived at Sigma Nu '64-'65 as '64 Bowdoin Plan student from Japan. Had great roommates (Davis Downing and Wayne Hall) who helped me to get used to new living and studying environments. Just impossible to write enough to justify how much I have gotten from just one academic year on Bowdoin's campus. - Tatsumi Morizuka '68</div>
Favorite Places: 1. Coles Tower top floor lounge 2. Coleman Farms 3. the AD House - Stan Whitehurst '68
Searles - Prof. LaCasce's Office: Perhaps not favorite but certainly most memorable was office hours with Prof. LaCasce for Methods of Theoretical Physics. Never again did I find a teacher who participated with me in the challenge of learning, and who balanced perfectly between "not enough" and "too much" info. He is dearly missed. - Andy Ross '86
Hubbard Hall Reading Room. Great naps. - Bob Dakin '67
WBOR - Staying up to do a 24 hour radio show my senior year of college. I was the Music Director of the station. It was incredible. - Hari Kondabolu '04
Mass Hall: The front door and facade; also the view of the quad from the front door. - Sarah Nadelhoffer '81
I loved going to the Walker Art Museum! It was a welcome change to just enjoy the various works of art in that lovely and peaceful environment. I especially enjoyed the Federal portraits and a particular painting of a marsh with an estuary running through it. - Laura Page Carle '85
The Boathouse: I learned a lot about myself on the water with my crew team family. - Kate Emerson '10
Deke House: The great friends, intramural sports &amp; living conditions were great. The kitchen provided a campus job, singing oldies while washing dishes with Dave Sullivan '69. The house and meetings &amp; interactions with other frats and the Bowdoin administration in those years was always challenging, always interesting. - Dale Tomlinson '70
My most vivid memory was the very first time I visited Bowdoin on a glorious August morning. The Quad was at its best and spoke to me that this is the place I should attend. I felt instantly at home then and still do when I visit Bowdoin. - Joe Leghorn '74
The Steam Tunnels - okay, I know this was a forbidden place, but that makes it even better. When I was at Bowdoin, there was a friend who knew how to get into them. It was a great adventure exploring them and leaving little hints that they had been accessed. - Joe Leghorn '74
Sigma Nu - I went back to [the] bar in the cellar and was thrilled to see and smell it unchanged after 50 years! The pine where Jonesie [was ill] after her first college drink grows unchallenged! The deck from which a vending machine fell (with Alto's help) still tickles! I could Wright a book. How lucky I feel to be part of the Bowdoin Family. - Phillip Stone '63
<div>For two years I had the privilege of a room at Sigma Nu with a fireplace where we burned driftwood from Popham Beach. I am grateful for so many happy gatherings in this very special place so many years ago, which I also visit on reunion weekends. Thank you, Bowdoin!</div><div>- Carl Shesler '70</div>