Song Very nice song
Thoughts in the Silent Night The Moon Festival These popular and beautiful Chinese poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival are easy to learn and understand, and come with English translations.
MAKE CHINESE MID-AUTUMN LANTERNS Mid-Autumn lanterns are not as colorful as those of the Lantern Festival. Children like making colorful lanterns very much. They make them of different shapes and let them float on the rivers. They don’t leave the riverside until the light of the lanterns disappears. Sometimes, they make Kongming lanterns because the burning candles heat the air in the lantern and make it rise.
MOONCAKES Eating mooncakes is the most popular celebration of the day. Mooncakes are Chinese pastries made of wheat flour and sweet stuffings such as sugar and lotus seed powder. Moon cake is a symbol of family reunion. The cake is traditionally cut into pieces that equal to the number of people in the family.
GAZING AT THE MOON The origins of appreciating the moon as a custom can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty. Nowadays, people still like appreciating the moon on Mid-Autumn Festival in China. Chinese family members have dinner together in the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival. After the dinner, they may talk about their work, the children, and their future plans. Sometimes, people go to a park to see the decorations made for the festival.
COUNTRIES CELEBRATED China, Japan, Malaysia, SIngapore, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam
LEGENDS Mid-Autumn Festival Legends: Chang E Flying to the Moon, Jade Rabbit Pounding Medicine, Wu Gang Chopping Laurel Tree, Zhu Yuanzhang and Moon Cake Uprising
Mid-Autumn Festival Project (中秋节项目)

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