Assessment for learning <br>Focuses on how children learn, develops self and peer assessment, helps learners know how to improve, promotes understanding of goals and recognizes all educational achievements.
Values of the month<br>All childre are encouraged to be resilient and take resonsibility for their actions whilst developing cooperation, respect, courage and tolerance. For our values blog, please visit: Wilson's Values - A Wilson Primary School Blog
Displays support and celebrate learning achievements. For the National Curriculum, please visit: The national curriculum for England to be taught in all local-authority-maintained schools.
Talk 4 Writing <br>Washing lines support and scaffold learning for children to develop high quality reading and writing.
Teachers plan for rich learning opportunities which engage learners and help develop independence and collaborative learning.<br>
Use of technology including cameras and computers in class to enhance learning. To see how children are using technology in school visit our school blog<br /> Wilson Primary School Blogs
Success, effort and achievement is celebrated in school<br>
The learning environment is adaptable to the needs of the class including large and small groups as well as individual learners. Noise is minimised with carpeted areas throughout.<br />
Visual learning resources support children's independence whilst developing language and communication skills.
Books selected reflect a range of text types, children's interests and topics covered. We aim to inspire a love of reading, particularly through Author of the term.

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