All learners are encouraged explore, play, take part in active learning, create and develop thinking skills.
Children are taught using the Early Years Framework. Practitioners observe each child's development and learning, assess progres and plan for next steps. <br>See the framework below:
Phonics sounds are used and displayed in class for the children to refer to.<br>To see the children saying their sounds please go to: Page not found | Watch and Learn Page not found | A Wilson Primary School Blog
Children are encouraged to develop language, imagination and social skills through role play areas. These reflect topics covered, children's interests, cultures and communities.<br>
Written and visual labels support children's independence whilst developing language and communication skills. These are vital for building relationships and fully accessing the curriculum.
Use of computers and ICT equipment in class for the children to access technology and enhance learning. Visit our school blog to see the wide range of learning experiences available:<br> Wilson Primary School Blogs
Areas of learning in EYFS are catered for and provide rich learning opportunities and playful teaching. Independence and collaborative learning is encouraged.
Number recognition and formation is taught through engaging rhymes:
Books selected reflect children's interests and topics covered. We aim to inspire a love of reading through rhymes, stories and props.

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