High expectations for behaviour are modeled and rewards, sanctions and behaviour lists are displayed in class. View our behaviour policy here: wilsonprimary.co.uk
Talk 4 Writing<br>Washing lines support and scaffold learning for children and develop high quality reading and writing.
Phonics sounds displayed in class. Children are grouped based on ability in KS1 to enable them to make rapid, targeted progress. To hear children saying the phonics sounds visit: watchandlearn.wilsonblog.net Watch and Learn | A Wilson Primary School Blog
Teachers have knowledge of different learning styles and differentiate lessons accordingly <br />
Links with the local library service to enable children to read a range of links based on the topics taught in class. For each year group's curriculum plans visit: <br> wilsonprimary.co.uk Wilson Primary School, Reading. A 2 form entry school in Reading, with 2 x Reception, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 classes.
Access to technology using interactive whiteboards in every classroom to enhance learning. Visit our school blog to see how children are engaging with technology in school: wilsonblog.net Wilson Primary School Blogs
Reward systems in place<br />
Teachers plan for richpportunities which engage and motivate learners and help develop independence and collaborative work.
Displays support and celebrate learning achievements.<br>For the National Curriculum, please visit: www.gov.uk The national curriculum for England to be taught in all local-authority-maintained schools.
Value of the month<br>All children are encouraged to be resilient and take responsibility for their learning developing cooperation, respect, courage and tolerance. See our values blog for more information: values.wilsonblog.net Wilson's Values - A Wilson Primary School Blog
Books selected reflect a range of reading abilities, reflecting topics and children's interests. We aim to inspire a love of reading particularly through Author of the term.
A range of visual and practical resources are readily available to support children's knowledge and understanding in Maths.

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