Nerf gun disassembled
Batteries used to power the nerf gun are made of zinc and manganese dioxide. They are durable for a week or two but then they will run out of power and not work. They will then get recycled. And the paper on the outside will be reused but the zinc and carbon will be got rid of. Alkaline battery - Wikipedia
Springs helps shoot the bullet out of the nerf gun. They are made of alloys either iron and carbon or iron, chromium and nickel. They are durable because the metal won't break easily and it won't rust that quickly. A spring is an internal component of a Nerf blaster; it is also one of the most important parts of a blaster. Without it, a blaster will not prime, fire, or load darts into a plunger. The main purpose of the spring is to push the plunger forward and backward when a blaster is being primed. Many modders often replace springs with stronger ones or stretch stock springs in order to make them stronger.
Pieces that form the shape of the nerf gun and hold the components together made of plastic because it is cheaper, safer to use and lasts longer. This plastic is made from polyester resin and is used to bong thing together. This plastic gets recycled and is reused.
Screws are made from a stainless or carbon steel for fastening wood, metal or other materials into concrete or masonary. Screw - Wikipedia
The metals suitable for wire are platinum, silver, iron, copper, aluminium and gold because they all conduct electricity. They are quite durable because of their plastic casing. They can bend a lot because of that casing. Wire - Wikipedia

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