***This remote keyboard is made of silicone, a durable material that retains its temperature even when electrical heat and wires are extremely near to it. It also has a low water absorbent rate, and is odorless, stainless, and comfortable for the hand to touch.
This is called a Circuit Board. This contains the electronics and battery contacts. Generally, the chip, the diode, the transistor, a registrar, two registers and a capacitor. electronics.howstuffworks.com A fascinating look inside a TV's remote control (including the printed circuit board)!
These alkaline batteries are made from mainly recycled and reusable materials. 25% of the battery is made from steel. 100% of steel is reusable after every product, so this is good for the environment. 60% of it is made up of materials like Zink, manganese and potassium. These are all earth materials, and can be entirely recycled and used as a micro nutrient to help fertiliser corn. 15 percent is made up of paper and plastic. These help to create electricity.
**The back and front of the remote are made of a hard shatterproof plastic -most likely silicone- which is unlikely to break if thrown around, as remote controls often are. This makes the product durable and less likely to break soon after purchase. Most remote controls can be recycled, and experts and enviromentalists are working towards getting people to go they extra mile and reuse them. www.youtube.com Modern TV viewers use remote controls to channel surf from the comfort of their seat -- but it wasn't always this easy. Stuff of Genius tells the story behin...
This is a capacitor. They can be made from and non-conductive material - such as paper, glass, rubber and plastic. learn.sparkfun.com Capacitors - learn.sparkfun.com
This is a capacitor. These can be made from most non-conductive materials, such as paper, glass, rubber, ceramic, plastic and are sandwiched between two metal plates. learn.sparkfun.com Capacitors - learn.sparkfun.com

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