L.E.D lights are very bright and last for a long time,which is why they are used in lots of different torches.
This microchip is very important and holds the information. www.wisegeek.org A microchip is a small semiconductor used to relay information through specific electrical characteristics. Microchips are used in...
These bands are made from elastic to make them stretchy this is helpful so it can stretch over bigger parts of the torch.
This battery holder is made out of acrylic plastic , I think this as it is quite a brittle material but it was quite loose which shows it may have been stronger if made out of aluminium metal as it is quite strong but lighter than steel metal. The reason it may be plastic though is because metal is a conducted and plastic is not. img-europe.electrocomponents.com
There is a rubber casing on the metal to make it more comfy and the metal squares come up so that you can have a better grip.

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