This is the film. It is made of a thin sheet of plastic with silver halide crystals which are sensitive to light. The first ever film was made in the 1950s but has developed over the the years. The film is very durable due to the fact it is encased in a plastic mould. Unfortunately this is unnecessary since there isn't made to be used many times so there is a limited storage space. Photographic film - Wikipedia
<i></i>This is the circuit board which controls everything electronic in the whole camera. It is partly made out of copper. This is because copper's a good conductor and is also very durable. This is good but unease carry since the camera won't last long due to the fact the film runs out quickly.
This is probably a copper wire which linked parts of the camera. It belongs in the yellow rings a bit to the right of it. It is copper since copper is a good conductor. Copper is also good since its reusable when recycled. The problem is that since this a disposable camera not many people do recycle it since they just throw it in the bin. This is partly a fault with both the name and the design. We see this stuff every day. We never think how many steps it takes to get it.

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