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Screws are made of metal because it is a durable material and won't fall out of the hole. en.m.wikipedia.org Screw - Wikipedia
Spiral spring that is wound up then used to turn the wheels. Without this the product wouldn't be able to move.
The inner frame is also made of plastic. This forms the shape of the mechanism inside the toy.
Winder used to create energy by turning a mechanism of cogs that moves the spring. www.explainthatstuff.com An easy-to-understand introduction to the clockwork mechanisms used in windup toys and similar gadgets.
Decoration parts are needed to make the product look appealing.
Most parts of these types of toys are made of PVC plastic because it is cheap and easy to produce.
<i></i>Outer casing made of plastic. This is like skin on a body, it covers up the bones inside.