Torch Deconstruction
<b>AA Batteries</b> This is a zinc-carbon battery they only work well in low draining applications; such as a torch. They have a moderate life span, because as the power burns slowly, the chemicals then have time to recharge before you use them again. The battery is made out of a single electrochemical cell and was introduced in 1907. The AA battery (sometimes affectionately called double-A), is the most common battery size. Every year, about 200 million are sold in the UK alone!
<b>The Light Bulb</b> The lightbulb Is what creates the light from the torch when the switch it turned on. In most torches, the lamp is either a tungsten filament (incandescent bulb) or a light emitting diode (solid state bulb), also known as an LED. The tungsten filament or LED glows when electricity flows through it, then producing visible light. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
<b>The Slide Switch</b> The switch is the part that activates the flow of electricity causing the light. This is made of plastic.
<b>Plastic Casing </b> This casing is what holds all the different pieces of the torch together, and prevents the m from falling out. If tis was to break the whole thing would come apart! I think this would be a high density polythene (HDPE) . <b> </b>
Metal Spring This holds the battery in place and allows them to be succure when in use.
Plastic Handle This allows you to carry the torch or clip it onto a rucksack/bag. I think this would be a polypropylene plastic, as its light and tough so it would be durable.
Plastic Screw Base To Casing This screw on and off from the base of the main casing. this will keep every thing in place.
<b>Lamp Filament </b> The filament lamp is a common type of light bulb. It contains a thin coil of wire called the filament. This heats up when an electric current passes through it and produces light as a result.
<b>Plastic Casing for Batterys </b> This will help hold the battery in place, so that they don't fall or slip into a different position, or fall out of the torch. I think this would be made of polymethyl methacrylate, as its stiff, durable and a good electrical insulater.
Metal Switch Contacts This holds all the smaller bits into place, so that they all don't fall of and are then left rattling around in the casing.
Light Bulb Screw This screws The light bulb onto the end of the battery casing. Without this you would not be able to secure this onto the battery pack.
Plastic Covers To Handle This covers the end of the handles so any sharp bits of plastic sticking out, won't hurt someone.
Metal Stand This allows for a variety of positions with the torch when it is being used. This takes the weight of the torch and will prop it up for you eg; so you could read. This would be a stain less steel as its strong and won't bend under the weight, it also wouldn't scratch easily.
<b>Reflector</b> The reflector allows the light emitted by the bulb shine into a concentrated and directed beam. This will be made of a polished metal. The reflector will form a narrow beam called the "throw", while light emitted forward from the bulb misses the reflector and forms a wide flood or "spill" of light, for the user.<b> </b>
<b>Plastic cover</b> To protect the bulb from any damage that may occur, while using the torch.

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