Torch Deconstruction
The light of the torch.The three bulbs coming out of the base is made of air-tight glass which contains a thin wire called 'filament' the resistance of the filament heats the bulb up making the metal so hot it glows, producing light. This is the object which creates the electricity for the light and it is made from a metal called tungsten which is thin so easy to heat up.The base is made out of a hard but cheap plastic called polypropylene. Flashlight - Wikipedia
This object that holds the battery's in the torch. It is made out of stainless steal, like most of the torch it. Without it the battery's wouldn't stay in place. Materials - Flashlight Wiki
The rim around the front of the torch casing the light.This is also made out of stainless steal and easily screws onto the top keeping the glass covering the light in place. circuits
These two objects, made out of cheap rubber cases the screw of the lid in place. This material was used as it is, as I said, cheap and it stops the metal from rusting. torch images - Google Search
This is the body of the torch, the main part which holds it all together. It is made of stainless steal. Which, as the title says, stops it from staining or rusting too quickly but isn't too heavy or expensive. It is also one of the most sustainable metals which is apeasily recyclable. Therefore it is a good material to us. It also has a small rubber button on the side to turn the torch on.You will also have noticed that there is a rough part on the side of the torch, this is used so that the torch is grippy and easy to hold even when it is wet. Materials - Flashlight Wiki
These two objects are used to cover the light of the torch. the one to the left (the glass) is really made out of thick plastic instead of glass. This is probably to prevent it from breaking and it probably conducts less heat then the glass. The object to the right matches with the light bellow it. It covers it like a case to make the light clearer. picture of light - Google Search
These batteries are known as AA batteries (double A). This type of battery is used because it isn't large so it doesn't take up a lot of space therefore it can fit in a torch easily. Also it does have quite a bit of energy in it. AA battery - Wikipedia
These two objects activate the button which activates the light. The object on to the right is a spring made out of light bouncy metal so it easily moves up and down. The object to my left is a cheap plastic casing for the spring so that it stays in a specific place. An easy-to-understand explanation of mechanical springs: what are they, how do they work, and how do we use them?
This object screws onto the main body holding in the light, the glass and several other important objects in place. It is also made out of stainless steal like most of other objects. how does light work - Google Search

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