Shoaiba Power Plant
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The Shoaibia Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.
The Shoaibia Power Plant in Saudi Arabia.
The Shoaiba power and desalination plant is an oil-fired combined cycle power plant and desalination complex in Saudi Arabia on the coast of The Red Sea, about 75 miles south of Jeddah. It is one of the world's largest fossil fuel power plants, and the world's third largest combined water and power plant.
The owner of the Shoaiba Power Plant is the Saudi Consolidated Electric Company. They also operate the system.
The construction of the first stage of the Shoaiba power station began in 1985 and the second phase in 1995. The first stage cost about 850 million dollars to build and the second costed about 1 billion dollars. Stage three costed around 2.4 billion dollars!! In total the Shoaiba power plant costed around 5 billion dollars to create.
The Shoaiba Power Plant is a thermal power station. It desalinates the Red Sea Water (removes salt) and ships it through a pipe network 50 miles long to the national water line. It creates fuel by removing oil from the Earth. Shoaiba Power and Desalination Plant - Wikipedia The Shoaiba oil-fired CCGT power plant complex in Saudi Arabia is now generating nearly 5,600MW. Several stages and phases of...Read More...
The Shoaiba Power Plant has 14 units that can store up to 5,600 MW (mega watts) of fuel. This makes it one of the largest in the world.
It took 4 years to build this power plant, 1998-2002. People worked around the clock everyday to complete it.
"This success is the result of the strong execution capabilities of Alstom, the proactive coordination of all Alstom manufacturing sites, as well as third party suppliers around the world, all of whom contributed to this excellent achievement," says Andreas Lusch, Senior Vice President of Alstom's Steam Business. "Most of all, Shoaiba III has benefited from the excellent and constructive cooperation of the project teams of both SEC and Alstom working together."

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