The View From Saturday by: E. L. Konigsburg
Author E. L. Konigsburg
Nadia Backstory She went to florida to see her grandparents but she ended up helping turtles find their way to the ocean
Julian Backstory Julian talks about the bus and how florida trip went and talk about first day of school on the bus
Ethan's Backstory Ethan visits his grandmother Margaret in Florida. Ethan lets Julian sit next to him on the bus, so he doesn't get bullied.
Noah's Backstory Noah heads to florida for his grandparents' wedding. He learns calligraphy and saves the day when the invitations are messed up. Almost everyone was impressed by Noah's generosity.
It won the <b>1997</b> Newbery Medal.
Review; Kyle and Damon Thought this book was confusing. It was changing the subject every second.
Mrs. Olinski&apos;s Backstory Mrs. Olinski has some trouble adjusting to the new reality of teaching from a wheelchair. Mrs. Olinski was in a terrible car accident that left her paralyzed and widowed.
The View From Saturday Summary The summary of this book is. There are 4 kids and a teacher chooses them for a contest and they all have back storys that answer the problem and they name them self the souls
Theme 1 The souls saw kindness in people that were not always nice. An example is that Ethan protected Julian when he was getting bullied at school.
Theme 2 Mrs. Olinsiki had to be courageous to over come the fear of being made fun of.
By: Kyle and Damon
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