The crescent moon and the star are important symbols of Islam. They are widely used, often appearing atop minarets and on the flags and stamps of Muslim countries.
The Five Pillars of Islam are the foundation of how to live. They include the Testimony of Faith, Prayer, Giving Zakat, Fasting during Ramadan, and The Pilgrimage to Makkah. Welcome to the second in this 9 part series on the basics of Islam! This session is about the 5 pillars of Islam. It is our prayer and hope that, through und...
The prophet Muhammad, introduced Islam in 610 A.D. It is considered to be the youngest of the world religions. Although Islam began long before Muhammad walked the earth, this prophet was one of the key people to make this religions more well known. Origin Of Islam - What do Muslims believe? How did the Islamic religion begin? What is the Qur’an? Does it contain truth?
Sects of Islamic Peoples: There are two main sects or groups of Islamic people; Sunni and Shi’ite (Shia). These are the two most popular sects of the Islamic religion with Sunni people being 84-90% of those who practice Islam and Shi’ite (Shia) being another 10-16% of people. This is important because there are different notable variations in Islamic people. Use the chart in the link below and pick one difference between the two sects and write in your book how this could affect someone’s upbringing in these two different groups. Compare Shia and Sunni Islam
Leader of the community: The leader of an Islamic community is called an Imam. He is an important part of the Islam faith because he leads the worship ceremonies in which those attending the service wish to feel enlightenment with God through his help. To get a feel of what an Imam does below is an Muslim prayer service. Notice the differences from this service and religious services you may have attended. Watch more How to Celebrate Ramadan videos: Step 1: Find a Friday pra...
Festivals: -Ramadan- the month of fasting -Eid al Fitr- (revelation of holy Quran) (also the festival of the breaking fast) the celebration concluding Ramadan -Eid al Adha- (festival of tthe sacrifice) absolute faith in Allah -Al- Hijra- (first day of Muhrram: first month of the islam year[this year it is Oct 13- Nov 12]) Islamic new year Ramadan- a Month of fasting
5 pillars of islam: 1. Shahada- declaration of faith 2. Salah- prayer to Mecca five times daily 3. Zakat- almsgiving or welfare contribution 4. Saum- fasting during Ramadan 5. Hajj- pilgimage to Mecca (pictured above)
The Qur’an is essentially the Islamic bible, Qur’an means ‘recitation’ in Arabic. Muslims believe the Qur’an to be an immaculate record of the angel Gabriel’s revelation to Muhammad. The Qur’an is the most sacred of books and covers both religious and legal matters. It has been preserved in its original language for 1,400 years, as the Muslims largely believe the bible has become corrupted throughout the years with opinions and translations finding their way into it. The Qur’an is geared for the general population of mankind. The Qur’an states the world began when God created the world in six days, although it does not have a day to day record of the events as they occurred, nor does it say anything about God resting on the seventh day. It rather states, that on the Last Day, God will resurrect every person and judge them on their deeds. Muslims believe the Qur’an completes the story of Allah’s revelation to humanity. YouTube
The Hadith and the Sunnah The Hadith is a publication of Muhammed’s life, his resulting actions, and the lessons that he wished to impart. It came into existence to better explain the Qur’an and is considered with similar reverence. The Hadith is a record of the stories passed from generation to generation surrounding what Muhammad is thought to have said. A Sunnah is a saying from the Hadith. A Sunnah consists of rules and life lessons to live by as explained by the Prophet.
The words "Allah" in Arabic script or characters can be regarded as visually representing Islam as a symbol.

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