Side table deconstruction
The main frame of the table is made from a hardwood such as beech or ash. This provides a stable base resistant to scratching and general wear. The wood is likely to be varnished to protect the wood from scratches and marking.
The table top is made of lacquered MDF. This gives the top a smooth and glossy finish to the surface. The MDF has no grain so that the lacquer is able to be applied easily and the top requires less sanding and finishing. The lacquer also means that the surface will be resistant to water and easily cleaned.
Screw in top with powdered coated steel wing nut. Allows the table to be fully disassembled so that parts can be recycled and re-used. This also means the table can be dismantled when not in use. The base also has pegs which slot into the holes on the table top surface.

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