Friends of Mimi
<div>Roya Petersen</div><div><br></div><div>"Ellen's tech guides completely revolutionized the way I teach. This is by far the best way I have found to keep my self organized, my lesson flowing smoothly, student transitions smooth and most importantly for me and students to be able to stay in the target language!"</div><div><br></div>
<div>Terri Marrama - Madrid, New York."Using Daily Tech guides in my French classroom has not only increased my confidence as teacher, but has improved my students speaking skills and attention in class! Thank you Ellen Shrager! "</div>
<b></b><b></b>Become a friend of Mimi by sending your state, a quote, and a picture, and I'll send you a TPT digital upload of your choice! Mail to:
<div><br></div><div>Gina Covello posted on the ACTFL Community page “Ellen Shrager knew EXACTLY what I was looking for and had, in fact, created something even more extensive than what I needed. It is available on <a href=""></a>,. It is available there for $5. She says it represents 30 hours of work and you can tell she has thought it through and developed it based on her experience with using games in the classroom: <a href="">Spanish Quizlet Live Teamwork in Target Language Lesson</a>”</div><div><br></div>
<div>Toni Camera</div><div>Kingston PA</div>
<div>Christine McCormick</div><div>Waukee, Iowa</div><div>"awesome video that counts down. Kids love it. Then I play a day of the week song while they get settled, get books, attendance....</div>

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