Awesome Box! <br />If you think a book is especially great, return it in this special box. <br />
MAGAZINES -- <br />Can be read int he library or checked out. Just bring to desk and Ms. G will add a quick barcode.<br />
Green Screens!<br />We have 4. We love making creative projects on apps like Touchcast. Watch one of our projects from last year and see what you think!<br />
Welcome! Check out the library website. Click on the links to find where class projects are located, <br /> Follow the library on Instagram! @LibrarianMsG
Library computers -- available for use for projects, games, etc. School work comes first! Be prepared to move if you&apos;re gaming and someone needs it for school.<br />
Take the quiz here when you&apos;re done looking at everything else.<br /> Library Skills Quiz
Graphic Novels -- watch the video!<br /> Popular graphic novels & manga
How to act in the library!<br /> Hilarious intro to rules Created using VideoFX Live:
Video on how to check out a book!<br />

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