Moscow is the far western part of Russia. North of Palikhovo, Russia and South of Tarusovo, Russia.
Moscow is 55 degrees North, 37 degrees East.
Moscow is a huge city, with a river running through the middle of it. It is relatively flat land, but the ground and soil itself is very rocky and dry.
In Moscow, people primarily speak Russian, with English as their second language. The traditional food is a type of soup with lots of vegetables, or basically anything that is healthy. The main religion is Christianity. Holidays in Russia mainly depend on what religion you practice. Ballet and Folklore plays are a very common thing in Moscow. Lastly, Russian architecture consists of colorfully painted onion-like domes on buildings.
The formal region of Moscow would be Russia.
People see Moscow as a huge city with a colorful and cultural background.
The main source of transportation in Moscow is by the Metro (underground) train. Rarely do people own their own cars, so if they aren't taking the train they're normally walking or riding their bike. People coming in to Moscow are most commonly arriving by plane.
Ideas move in Russia almost always with the movement of people or the internet. <br />
Moscow has a river through the middle of the city, so when its not getting its goods by boats, its typically getting things by airplane.
Since Moscow is such a big city, there is a lot of human environmental reactions. For example, all the trash ends up in landfills, there is a lot of pollution, and with all the airplanes flying in there is a lot of negative effects on the environment. Amateur footage shows a large oil fire on the surface of the Moscow river after an underwater pipeline reportedly burst on Wednesday
Moscow is relatively flat land which made it easy to build so much. There is also a river which makes everything easier.

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