Remix of "Digital Citizenship Survival Kit"
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The padlock is to remind you to set strong passwords and to set up passcode locks on all of their digital devices.
Passwords are like toothbrushes and should NEVER be shared! (Except with your parents)
Most of your life is "plugged in" don't forget to balance your digital life and your real life. It's ok to unplug every once and awhile.
Everything you put online is permanent. Even if you hit the delete button!
The information you post online is like toothpaste coming out of a tube. Once it's out, it is almost impossible to get back in.
What you do now online and in your life will impact your future. Think about the "seeds" that you are sowing as they traverse the world wide web. Could it grow into a bigger problem? Or is your plant going to be a strong, positive representation of who you are?
Inspiration for this ThingLink I have been thinking about some "new" items I could add to my original  Digital Citizenship Kit that I created last year.  Like I said in ...
First impressions start with your digital footprint. People are using Google to find out information about us. What will show up when someone searches you on Google?

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