Digital Icebreakers Digital Icebreakers – Teacher Reboot Camp
Blogging with Students My books- Learning to Go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers… My books- Learning to Go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers… My books- Learning to Go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers …
Ideas for creating digital books! Digital Books – Teacher Reboot Camp
Ideas for video projects! Video Projects – Teacher Reboot Camp
Ideas for teaching with games! “Games are an extraordinary way to tap into your most heroic qualities.” - Jane McGonigal, Author of Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Survival Tips for Teaching with Technology! Teaching with Technology – Teacher Reboot Camp Every day, people around the world communicate, connect, and learn digitally on the go. Our students spend hours with their devices and digital tools. Imagine if some of that time was spent learning your content. Imagine your students learning by creating, playing, translating, editing, curating, researching, and brainstorming digitally on cell phones, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, iPads, Chromebooks, and consoles. Learning to Go is a collection of lesson plans, resources, handouts, and tips for teachers wishing to incorporate mobile devices, cell phones or BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) into their teaching. This book offers suggestions for adapting your curriculum even if your students have little access to technology or you are new to technology integration. This is a practical and useful guide with a unique design to inspire you to explore the possibilities of digital learning with a click or touch. There are no page numbers so that you are encouraged to choose your learning path and lesson plans. Find printer-friendly handouts and rubrics or access the originals to edit and adapt to meet your needs. In addition, this book has the following features to help guide and support you throughout your journey: The Content Map allows you more freedom than a Table of Contents. Click or touch to explore the lessons, resources, apps, and handouts. The Navigation bars at the bottom of the pages allow you to quickly get to the resources and apps you need when planning or conducting a lesson. The internal and external links within the lesson plans help you to easily and quickly find free web tools and apps and access the handouts. The Apps guide divides recommended apps into 8 categories and lists and describes free apps suitable for various devices and ages (toddlers to adults). The Resources section is filled with handouts, storyboards, evaluation forms, and rubrics. The Materials folder is filled with all the rubrics and handouts for you to edit and print. The Materials folder also contains screenshots (pngs) of the evaluation forms, storyboards, and handouts for students to quickly upload to an app, complete, and turn in digitally. You get the PDF and the mobi version for Kindle. This book is best viewed as a PDF. Implementing mobile learning is already tough, but I hope this book’s design, features, tips, and resources ease your journey and motivate you to explore the possibilities. These are the various Survival Tips for Teachers guides I have created. These guides are filled with tips, slideshows to download, resources, tips, and recommended tools. Click and learn! It isn’t that they cannot see the solution. It is that they cannot see the problem. - GK Chesterton Teach with Comics! 15+ Tips & Tools – Teacher Reboot Camp
Problem Based Learning Making an Impact with Problem / Project Based Learning – Teacher Reboot Camp
Creating infographics & digital posters! Digital Posters | Teacher Reboot Camp My books- Learning to Go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers…
Free note-taking and brainstorming apps! Digital Notetaking to Stimulate Their Minds – Teacher Reboot Camp Meaningful Learning with Digital Portfolios: Tools & Examples – Teacher Reboot Camp Student Reflection with Digital Portfolios – Teacher Reboot Camp Fostering Meaningful Peer Collaboration with Digital Tools – Teacher Reboot Camp Digital Storytelling – Teacher Reboot Camp My books- Learning to Go & The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers Resources at… Every student in every school deserves the opportunity to study computer science. Fun and creativity delivered to your door! Learn HOW with Howtoons educational kits for kids. Sign up for 10% off your first month! Global Collaboration Projects | Teacher Reboot Camp

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