Typewriter Glossary
Left-hand Margin Stop and Margin Scale typewriterdatabase.com
Carriage and Key Lock
Line Space Selector typewriterdatabase.com
Left-hand Platen Knob
Line Space Lever
Aligning Scale typewriterdatabase.com
Margin Release
Tabulator Key
Shift Lock
Left-hand Shift Key
Right-hand Margin Stop
Paper Release Lever typewriterdatabase.com
Right-hand Platen Knob and Variable Line Space Plunger typewriterdatabase.com
Platen Release Lever typewriterdatabase.com
Paper Guide
Paper Table
Carriage Release typewriterdatabase.com
Ribbon (or Front) Cover
Back Space Key
Ribbon Colour and Stencil Selector typewriterdatabase.com
Touch Control Selector (under ribbon cover) typewriterdatabase.com
Paper Bail and Rollers
Tab Stops (on rear) typewriterdatabase.com
Type Segment typewriterdatabase.com
Paper Rest Release Button typewriterdatabase.com
Manual Ribbon Reverse (under ribbon cover) typewriterdatabase.com
Left-hand Ribbon Guide typewriterdatabase.com