lungs:The lungs let the opossum play dead for a long perid of time. This is a structural adaptation.
Adaptation claws: The opossum has five claws that help them climb trees well. This is a structural adaptation.
ears: The opossum's ears help it listen to predetors and also hear its prey. This is a structural adaptation.
Respond to the Environment The opossum playing dead: The opossum is able to play dead when threatened to keep predators away. <br />
Maintaining homeostasis: Opossums are highly resistant to snakebites, probably due to their low body temperature and metabolic rate.
definitions: A behavioral adaptation an adaptation that that an orginism does that is inherited.
definitions: A structual adaptation is an adaptation that the orginism was born with that help it survive.
hanging: The opossum hangs from a tree with its tail to climb up. This is a behavioral adaptation. The girl I was babysitting made me see if baby Rocko could hang by his tail. They actually can only do this a little bit and only as babies because they're t...
Here is another picture of a opossum hanging from its tail.
All living things reproduce carrying its young: The opossum carries its young on its back to transport all its young. Opossum have 6 to 10 offspring per litter <br /> My daughter's grandfather captured this video of a mother opossum transporting 15 baby opossums on her back. Amazing!
Here is a super cool website about opossums!!! Learn more about opossums: the only marsupial found in North America.
Tail: The opossums tail allows it to hang on to trees.

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