Point Library Orientation
Welcome to your library! This is our front door. Be sure to always use this door when entering and exiting the library. You will also find many useful tools behind our virtual front door, also known as the library webpage. Enter these doors to be Engaged in new learning and personal growth! www.pointlibrary.org Prairie Point Middles School & 9th Grade Academy Library -- part of the College Community School District in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
This is the library book drop. Return books here or inside the library in the blue basket on the counter. Please return or renew books by the due date so that someone else may borrow them. You will receive a reminder every week via email about books you have checked out and any that are overdue. It is also a good idea to record the due date for any book you have borrowed on your Google Calendar or paper agenda. Be Responsible for returning books on time and you may receive a PRIDE ticket.
<b></b>Adventure Fiction youtu.be
Historical Fiction youtu.be
Classics youtu.be YouTube
Fantasy youtu.be
Horror youtu.be
<b>Science Fiction</b> Watch this informative video to learn about fiction genres in general and the Science Fiction in particular. Science Fiction books in the Point Library will have a light green dot or SCI-FI on the spine label. Popular Sci-Fi books in our library include <i>The Hunger Games</i> by Suzanne Collins and <i>Unwind</i> by Neal Shusterman. If you like those and are a fan of history, you might also like Shusterman&apos;s new series, the Accelerati Trilogy which right now includes <i>Tesla&apos;s Attic</i> and <i>Edison&apos;s Alley.</i> www.youtube.com Visit http://moldingminds.com for a one-sheet poster description and definition of science fiction: http://moldingminds.com/video-fiction-genres-science-fict...
Mystery youtu.be
Realistic youtu.be
Romance youtu.be
Sports youtu.be
Library Staff
Search the <b>catalog</b> or check out your book at the <b>self-check station</b>. You can also search the catalog from anywhere via the internet. You can check out up to 4 books at once. They are due 3 weeks from when you check them out. You can renew your books one time. collegecommunity.follettdestiny.com Welcome to College Community School District
The library has many different kinds of seating. Pick the spot that is most suitable to the type of work you&apos;ll be doing in the library - reading, homework, or collaboration. Remember to show PRIDE by being Dependable -- pick up after yourself &amp; push in your chair when you leave.
The library has a stage where you might perform in a Readers&apos; Theatre or a Poetry Slam.
Sign in here and show your pass whenever you come to the library on your own. Show Integrity by always signing in and out.
Be <b>Positive</b> by looking for a book that matches your style and interests. One good place to find ideas is in one of the special exhibits. If you need help finding a good book, do not hesitate to ask Mrs. Walter or Mrs. Wilding for a recommendation!
Non-Fiction youtu.be
Tech help available here.
Production Lab coming soon!

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