The City of Topeka is our State Capital Government information and news for the City of Topeka, Kansas. Includes elected officials, safety, emergency preparedness, neighborhoods, employment and much more.
This is the state of Kansas flag
This is our State Seal
The "Sunflower" is the Kansas State Flower
Dust Bowl circa 1935
1861 Kansas women were given the right to vote in school elections, far earlier than in most states
Trails through Kansas Geographic center of the contiguous United States - Wikipedia
Monument Rock
Rock City
Landforms in Kansas
Sunflower Journeys Produced for the 2003 season of "Sunflower Journeys," this video tells the story of the state song of Kansas. (Program number 1601.)
Native Stone Byway Story on the Native Stone Scenic Byway of eastern Kansas, which aired on KTWU's "Sunflower Journeys" series.

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