This Concept Map, created with IHMC CmapTools, has information related to: Learning Theory, zone of proximal development The area of capabilities that learners can exhibit with support from a teacher or peer., organisational learning Nonaka & Takeuchi, Montessori constructivism, Lave & Wenger situated learning, Piaget constructivism, Philosophy Dewey, The church Theology, text & conversation theory An organization is created and defined by communication. communication
Skinner B. F. Skinner - Wikipedia
Bloom Benjamin Bloom - Wikipedia
Gardner Howard Gardner - Wikipedia
Ausubel David Ausubel - Wikipedia
Bruner Jerome Bruner - Wikipedia
Engeström University of Helsinki - Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research
Vygotsky Lev Vygotsky - Wikipedia
Piaget Jean Piaget - Wikipedia
von Glasersfeld Ernst von Glasersfeld - Wikipedia
Millwood A web site for Richard Millwood's dissertation for a PhD by retrospective practice, completed in 2014. It charts 38 years of practice as a developer of educational materials, courses and higher education frameworks, and presents a doctoral thesis derived from that practice.
Dewey John Dewey - Wikipedia
Montessori Maria Montessori - Wikipedia
Hargreaves David Hargreaves - Wikipedia
Freire Paulo Freire - Wikipedia
Holt John Holt (educator) - Wikipedia
Illich Ivan Illich - Wikipedia
Fleming Neil Fleming - Wikipedia
Honey & Mumford Learning styles - Wikipedia
Kolb David A. Kolb - Wikipedia
Argyris Chris Argyris - Wikipedia
Schön Donald Schön - Wikipedia
Nonaka Ikujiro Nonaka - Wikipedia
Takeuchi Hirotaka Takeuchi - Wikipedia
Taylor James R. Taylor - Wikipedia
Pask Gordon Pask - Wikipedia
Lave Jean Lave - Wikipedia
Wenger Étienne Wenger - Wikipedia Community of practice - Wikipedia Situated learning - Wikipedia Conversation theory - Wikipedia Text and conversation theory - Wikipedia Organizational learning - Wikipedia Double-loop learning - Wikipedia Experiential learning - Wikipedia Learning styles - Wikipedia Ivan Illich - Wikipedia Homeschooling - Wikipedia Critical pedagogy - Wikipedia Montessori education - Wikipedia Maria Montessori - Wikipedia Experiential education - Wikipedia This model was developed to explain how learning works dynamically in terms of the cognitive activities of expression (what you do to communicate an idea) and evaluation (deciding if the idea is 'right'). Constructivist epistemology - Wikipedia Constructivism (philosophy of education) - Wikipedia Constructionism (learning theory) - Wikipedia Connectivism - Wikipedia Social constructivism - Wikipedia Genetic epistemology - Wikipedia Zone of proximal development - Wikipedia Learning by Expanding Instructional scaffolding - Wikipedia Discovery learning - Wikipedia Meaningful learning - Wikipedia Howard Gardner, multiple intelligences and education. Howard Gardner’s work around multiple intelligences has had a profound impact on thinking and practice in education – especially in… Mastery learning - Wikipedia Bloom's taxonomy - Wikipedia Radical behaviorism - Wikipedia

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