Welcome to 4th Grade (Open House)
<b>St. Augustine Field Trip</b> - This fall we&apos;re headed on a field trip back in time! We are traveling to historic St. Augustine to learn and explore Florida History!
<b>Science Center Field Trip</b> - This spring we will head to the Orlando Science Center for hands on exploration and STEM building exercises!
<b>Owl Pellets</b> - Get ready to get your hands messy, we&apos;re dissecting owl pellets! Just kidding... we use gloves!
<b>Mystery Skype</b> - Have you ever played the game &quot;Guess Who?&quot; Well this is just like that, but &quot;Guess Where.&quot; We will be competing with a new classroom every month to see who can correctly guess the other&apos;s location first, just by asking <i>yes </i>or <i>no </i>questions! Get ready for some serious teamwork and collaboration - we&apos;re going to need it to win!
<b>First Grade Buddies</b> - This year we will be meeting with Mrs. Saracen and Ms. Maher&apos;s first grade class twice a month to focus on the 7 Habits and much more!
<b>Genius Hour</b> - Genius hour allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom. It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school. www.youtube.com -- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at http://www.powtoon.com/ . Make your own animated videos and animated presentations for free. PowToon is a free to...
<b>Box Tops Contest</b> - This year the 4th grade team is competing against each other in an effort to raise money for our school! We are collecting box tops and each month there will be a class winner... Will it be us?!
<b>Habit-opoly and Compliment Parties</b> - You might have noticed our amazing bulletin board in the hallway... This year we are incorporating the 7 Habits into our Compliment Parties by playing Habit-opoly! Our class has to earn 20 "Caught being a Leader" compliments to make our way around the board in order to have a compliment party. I challenge you to have our first Compliment Party before October 31st! Think we can do it? I know we can!
<b>Family Fun Kit</b> - Make every night family night with our Family Fun Kits. These kits contain books, games, activities, crafts and so much more for you to be able to practice the skills we learn in class and have quality family time! There are 7 different bags (and growing) and can be checked out on Thursdays and due back the next Wednesday.
<b>Sunshine State Party</b> - 4th and 5th grade have their very own Sunshine State Party IF you read all 15 books! Be prepared for a food from every book, contests, games and a whole lot of fun!
<b>Leader in Me</b> - We will continue to be leaders and exhibit the 7 habits this year!
<b>Science Experiments</b> - Be prepared to become little scientists! Last year we made the three different types of rocks with food from our pantries, helped Mrs. Sanjurjo decide which would be the best diapers to use for her new baby and more. What will we do this year???
<b>Reading Genre Challenge</b> - This year you will read AT LEAST 30 different types of books! Join us on the journey across the different genres in our Reading Genre Challenge.
<b>Projects </b>- Every semester you will have one project to complete! It might be for Social Studies, it might be for Science, but it will be done at home.
<b>Novel Studies</b> - Now that you are in 4th grade you will be studying reading skills through novels! I hope you enjoy these novels as much as I do!
<b>Blogging Literature Circles</b> - Not only will you be working in small groups reading the same novel (literature Circles), you will also be answering questions and telling the class how you feel about it through a class blog!

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