Music world map
African music is a style of music that focuses mainly on rhythm's. This is called polyrhythm's. There are a few types of music and this included the famous call and response , this is usually responded with a harmony. Unlike western music there are only seven notes within the scale. Mbiras for sale click the link:
Gamelan music originate in Bali, Gamelan means to hit with a hammer. It is comprised mostly of percussion instruments. There is also a type of singing called kecak. This is where a beat keeper says pong on the first note and the rest say cak on their beats. This is a performance by the Calarts Javanese Gamelan ensemble led by Pak Djoko Walujo during the spring world music festival at Calarts in April 2007. The p... YouTube This is the famous Yoshida Brothers playing not-so-traditional music with very traditional, 3 string Japanese instruments, the shamisen. Featuring beautiful ...
Popular styles include J-pop, Anime, Enka and Karaoke
In India they have their own scale. Tala contains 16 beets to a bargoing back to the first beet when done. Watch Really Insane Amateur Tabla Performance By Gaurav Keshari The best in Indian classical music brought to you by The Biryani Boys. Preserve and Promote! Enjoy more videos on our YouTube Channel or visit - www.thebirya...
Samba music has become popular at carnivals and includes bib percussion ensembles and lots of dancing
Latin Music has three main rhythms, Samba, Bossa Nova and Rhumba.There are multiple styles of music including Salsa, Mambo, Chachacha, Merengue and the all famous Tango. London National Panorama Steelband Competition 2014 Metronomes Steel Orchestra 2nd Place Arranger: Annise ‘Halfers ‘ Hadeed Manager: Eversley ‘Breeze’Mills T...
Spanish Music is made up of Flamenco music. A traditional type of music played with guitars and originated from gypsies in southern Spain. There is also Palmas, handclaps, Jaleo, encouraging shouts from the audience, and Rasqueado a guitar strumming pattern.
Uses a massive guitar called a balalaika. Aussie Bush Band from Melbourne VICTORIA SYDNEY 2000 OLYMPICS - SLIM DUSTY SINGING "WALTZING MATILDA" in sde boker which in the negev of israel i got the privilege of playing one of the most beautiful sounding didgeridoo :D. it was an amazing experience.

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