Brown vs. Board of Education
Image by <i>By Julianne Hing, </i><i> Colorlines </i>
<h3><b>Level 1:</b> Teachers create a ThingLink as an example to answer the Essential Question:</h3><i>How did people struggle for justice during the US Civil War?</i> 1. Students explore differentiated resources. 2. Students complete an Exit Ticket to demonstrate learning.
<h3>Brown vs Board of Education</h3>Watch this video about the unanimous decision by the Supreme Court to end public segregation in schools.<br />
<h3>Beginning Readers: </h3>from <b>Wikipedia Simple English</b> Brown v. Board of Education - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
<b></b><h3><b>Level 2:</b> Students create a ThingLink to Demonstrate Learning</h3><h3><i></i></h3><b>Essential Question</b><i> How did people struggle for justice during the US Civil War?</i><h3></h3>1. Students explore this interactive map and choose a topic 2. Students work collaboratively to create a ThingLink to answer the Essential Question<h3></h3> Look at these interactive images
<h3>Proficient Readers: </h3>from<b></b> The Supreme Court . Expanding Civil Rights . Landmark Cases . Brown v. Board of Education (1954) | PBS
<h3>Beginning Readers: </h3><br />Primary Resources from American Experience, Chief Justice Earl Warren delivers the Supreme Court's landmark decision abolishing "separate but equal" schools in public education.
Exit Ticket Struggle for Justice - Exit Ticket
<h3><b>Teacher Tip:</b></h3>Provide leveled text and help students self-select resources to meet their unique learning needs. Teach non readers to use <b>Speak Text</b> on an iPad or<b> Text to Speech </b>on a Computer
<h3>Listen </h3> a Podcast about the Supreme Court Decision from
<h3>The Problem We All Live With, by Norman Rockwell</h3> Inspired by the story of Ruby Bridges, Norman Rockwell &apos;s painting features a young African-American girl being escorted to school, surrounded by signs of protest, fear and ignorance. In 1963 Rockwell confronted the issue of prejudice head-on with one of his most powerful paintings—”The Problem We All Live With.” Inspired by the story of Ruby Bridges and school integration, the image featured a young African-American girl being escorted to school amidst signs of protest and fearful ignorance. The painting ushered in a new …
<h3>10 Things You Should Know About Brown vs. Board of Education</h3> Take a look back at the landmark school desegregation ruling.
<h3>Vocabulary</h3> Struggle for Justice - Pre-Assessment

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