We live in a digital age. It's how our students communicate, entertain themselves, and learn new information. Information that is literally at their fingertips.
"Digital Writing = Writing + Reading + Listening + Collaborating" (21) It's a skill that needs to be practiced, to be refined, to be built upon. It's a life skill that students will take with them and adapt as technology continues to change.
Digital Writing is: digitalis.nwp.org
Reasons to embed digital writing into your curriculum: -Exposure to strategies that can be used inside and outside the classroom. - Cultivate skills, dispositions, and mindsets that go beyond the assignment itself. - Helps students to manage multiple elements of writing when creating and reflecting on their work. - Authentic audiences (30-31)
When assessing digital writing, consider: - Collecting extended writing samples over time - Having students write in many genres - Providing students with appropriate rubrics - Talking about writing across the curriculum (110 - 111)<br />