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Captions - a great way to add speech bubbles and text boxes to photos.
Brushes is a simple painting app that can be exported to camera roll Digital painting with the Brushes App for iPad. Video tutorial by Scott Ligon, coordinator for digital foundation classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Create great comics and more with Comic Life and then export to your camera roll The Comic Life app is simply brilliant. On the one hand it can create superb comics, but with a bit of care and attention it can also create some brilliant p...
Make Beliefs Comix is another great way to create cartoons on the iPad and then save to camera roll Students can create two- to four-panel comic strips using either the ...
Sketchbook Express is another excellent way to create artwork on the iPad and the export to camera roll For the aspiring artist, take a look at Autodesk SketchBook Express for iPad. ...
Pic Collage can combine your photos, text and clipart to create your own collage that can be saved to camera roll iPad teacher tutorial on how to use Pic Collage App in the lower years of Primary and Elementary school.
Popplet is a great mind mapping/brainstorming app into which you can insert links, images & text and then save to camera roll This app review and video tutorial look at Popplet Lite, a great mind-mapping, concept-mapping, story-boarding, brainstorming app...
Create animated characters that can talk using Tellagami and then save as a video to your camera roll Tellagami App teacher tutorial. Tellagami as a digital story telling tool for schools and students.
Notability is one of the best note-taking apps with lots of other great features Check out more of our app reviews at This video walks through all the great features of Notability for iPhone and iPad. This is a g...
Use Explain Everything to create a slideshow presentation or tutorial - so much can be done - try it! This tutorial walks through a few examples for using this iPad App in the secondary English classroom to capture lectures or images in a flipped classroom or...
Thinglink is the app I used to add links to the appflow poster - think about how you could add to your presentation by adding more information and links... A brief tutorial on how to use the free iPad app Thinglink and a few suggestions on how students and teachers could use the app in the classroom.
Use iThoughts for a very advanced way to create mind maps of all different types - one of three apps that do a similar thing - which one do you prefer?! Royalty free music licensed by
Create amazing graphic design projects using Canva - be warned that you do need decent internet for this to work. Exports as a pdf or simply take a screenshot. Download the app here: AMAZINGLY SIMPLE GRAPHIC DESIGN Create beautiful designs with Canva. Choose from more than one million lay...
SimpleMind+ is an easy to use mind mapping app that can then be saved to photos - one of three apps that do a similar thing - which one do you prefer?! Sam shows the key features of SimpleMind+ 1.6.1 for iPad (iOS) in 5 minutes. Best viewed in full screen at 1080p. Please like this video and subscribe to our...
Google Maps can be used in your appflow by taking a screenshot of a location and labelling it in another app. YouTube
Book Creator is an excellent way to collate multiple media in one space in book format. It can be saved as a pdf. This tutorial provides a very simple introduction to the Book Creator for iPad App. Book Creator for iPad is available from the iTunes Store for $5.49. Our s...
Update your blog with the Weebly iPad app - for more advanced functionality, use a browser or one of the macs in the lab... Weebly App
Easy to include & collate content from the camera roll using iMovie How to edit and maneuver through iMovie on the iPad
For those of you that need more than Managebac to keep you organised, try iHomework. In the first of many iHomework screen casts, learn how to set up a few assignments and get familiar with the app. iHomework is an iPhone/iPad/Mac app designe...
Note-take, collaborate and work offline with the Google Docs app YouTube
Present, collaborate & work offline with the Google Slides app YouTube
Google Sheets: One of two options for data handling on the iPad - which do you like best? `
Create your own music, soundtrack or jingles with Garageband on your iPad Garageband is one of our favorite apps for iPad. In this tutorial we show you many of the things you can accomplish in Garageband. It's amazing for kids and ...
Inspiration Maps is one of three apps that allows you to create mind maps on the iPad - which one do you prefer?! A basic guide to creating a map in the Apple iPad Inspiration Maps app.
I am sure you're all familiar with Pages - remember to save as pdf or word before uploading to Managebac! ) this video shows you how to use Pages on iPad
I am sure you're all familiar with Keynote - remember to resize photos (using OneEdit Pro) before printing! ( ) How to use Keynote software Function on iPad
I am sure you're all familiar with Numbers - one of two apps for spreadsheets - which do you prefer? this video show you how to use Numbers software Function on iPad
Haiku Deck gives you a simple and effective alternative to Slides and Keynote - try it! YouTube
Flashcards can help you learn key words and definitions - great for revision :)
iAnnotate PDF is an excellent way to take notes on a pdf that has been shared to you by your teacher. This app review and video tutorial looks at iAnnotate PDF, one of the most popular and feature rich PDF apps available. The range...
Blogger, like Weebly, is a great way to communicate (appropriately) online - great for publishing your own work. Free App
Present with Keynote
Present with Haiku Deck
Present with Blogger
Present with Explain Everything
Present with Weebly
<b></b>Present with Book Creator<b></b><br /><b></b>
<b></b>Present with Touchcast<b></b><br /><b></b>
<b></b>Present with iMovie<b></b><br /><b></b>
Present with Canva
<b></b>Present with Thinglink<br /><b></b>
Present with Google Slides
AISL App Manifest 2015/16 App Manifest

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