My Connected Car
A wireless Internet connection feeds information to and from other vehicles and the transport infrastructure, warning of traffic, weather and road conditions, potential collisions or changes in traffic lights. ISO 15622
The smart car will “memorize” your preferred route, charting your daily trip from home to work via the kids’ school and the supermarket. ISO 15075
The valet parking function will locate a parking space for you – at a distance. ISO 22840
Self-driving cars are appearing on our radar… progressively. Destined to be used first in specific situations – motorways, ring-road traffic jams, etc. – they are expected to be everywhere by 2035. ISO 15623
The Curve Speed Warning System warns the driver against the danger of approaching a curve too fast, prompting him to drop his speed and negotiate the upcoming bend safely. ISO 11067
At traffic lights, a sensor signal gets the car to stop by itself. ISO 10711
The Lane Keeping Assistance System function acquires information on the position of the vehicle within its lane and, if necessary, warns the driver to keep the vehicle within the current lane. ISO 11270
Cars and trucks currently consume 2 billion tonnes/year of oil and emit 2 billion tonnes/year of CO2. The hydrogen fuel-cell car will produce only… water. ISO 23828
Smart technologies will check for mechanical problems and driver performance, warning of faulty parts and signs of drowsiness before an accident occurs. ISO/PRF TR 17427-10
Inside airbags exist already – soon there will be external airbags that help protect pedestrians and the car in case of impact. ISO 12097-1

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