the whale anatomy.
the whale's eye allows it to see. Whale's eyes are some of the largest in the world.
The intestines help the whale digest its food.
The bones keep the body of the whale intact. If the whale didn't have bones it would become a meat puddle.
The mouth helps the whale ingest its food. Whales have long bristle like teeth.
The whale's tail propels it through the water. Theses are strong enough to kill a human if you get underneath it.
The whale's fins help steer it underwater.
The whales heart pumps blood around the body. Without its heart the whale would die.
The whale's blowhole helps it breathe. the whale has to resurface regularly because it cant breathe underwater.
Stomach is the firs part of the whales digestive system.
The anus is where the poo comes out after the digestive system.
Bladder is where the pee is stored until is lets it all out.
The dorsal fin helps the whale stabilise underwater.
The whales lung helps it breathe air.
The liver helps filter the blood of the whale.
The whale's kidney allows it to filter the nutrients from it's liquid intake.
Whale's brain is what allows the whale to be alive and feel and control all of its body.

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