Ares god of war it means to fight, Chronos ( keeper of ti...
Ares god of war it means to fight
Chronos ( keeper of time) it means event in order of time
Eros (god of love and sexual desire) it means nature of love
Hypnos-god of sleep( it means your are put to sleep for a period of time.
Helios-god of the sun (it means guardian of oaths
Nectar-drink of the god( it means fruit juice)
Okeanos-god of the river( it means the source of earths fresh water.)
Zephyrus-god of the west wind (it means gentle winds.)
Nymph-beautiful maidens(it means beautiful women.)
typhon father of all monsters AP Literature & Composition
Greek mythology Get a crash course on the heavenly residents of Mount Olympus.

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