Ruben Puentedura's Twitter The latest Tweets from Ruben R. Puentedura (@rubenrp): "My first book chapter is online: Why Prudence Is (Sometimes) Not Prudent: The Trouble With Too Much Substitution"
Commonly Used Apps moving up the ladder of the SAMR Model This video describes how a group of commonly used apps in the classroom move up the ladder in the SAMR Model. This video screencast was created with Doceri o...
Bloom's Taxonomy, Apps and the SAMR Model Source:
Modification Apps CVUSD
Redefinition Apps CVUSD
Augmentation Apps CVUSD
Substitution Apps CVUSD
Apps with SAMR Model SAMR Model Apps | Teaching with iOS Devices
Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything SAMR is a model designed to help educators infuse technology into teaching and learning. Popularized by Dr. Ruben Puentedura,  the  model supports and enables teachers to design, develop, and ...
SAMR Model According to Me This video explains what the SAMR Model is and how it helps teachers and students take their learning journey beyond the classroom walls. This video screenca...
Example of published videos of student-created tutorial videos explaining a math problem. Your one stop for resources and links to materials for our class
Intro to SAMR Model by CommonSense Media YouTube
Introduction to TPACK by CommonSense Media YouTube