description: small 35-45 cm reddish brownish coat bushy tail
Diet/Behavior: Pure Termite an adult roughly consumes 20,00 termites daily
Habitat: open wood land south west of western Australia
Interesting facts: weight between 9.9 and 19 oz Has pointed head and sticky tongue, designed for feeding on termites.
Animal status: Endanger 1500 left on earth
Animal status: Endanger 1500 left on earth The numbat is a small-sized marsupial that is found in Western Australia. The numbat has long, colourful fur and despite being a marsupial, the female numbat does not have a pouch on her belly.The numbat was once found across Southern Australia, but today...
Threats and cause of endangerment: Aborigines hunted Numbats for food Foxes and feral cats contribute to there endangerment

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