song This video dramatizes the plight of the homeless in America. The song was inspired by Michael's experience of working with a homeless gentleman and helping h... statistics on homelessness americans we have a group on facebook, feel free to join.
The social issue I chose to do my project on was homelessness in san jose.I choose this social issue because I believe that there is something that can be done to solve this issue. Every time I see a homeless person I wish I could give them some money, food, and even offer them a place to sleep. I think it's really sad when people see these homeless out on the street and instead of helping them out they judge them and call them drug addicts or ignore them. I also believe that if we don't act on this issue soon it will get a lot worse and the homeless people we see will start being younger and younger people. Most of the people who are homeless are teenagers, veterans, and people with mental and physical disabilities. The government says they are helping eliminate homelessness but to me it looks like they are just making things worse. Recently the Silicon Valley claimed to have spent $520 million dollars to help homeless but in reality most of that money was spent on health care and in the justice system. I believe that they could have used that money to provide these homeless with homes instead. I wish more people had empathy for these homeless people and would want to act like it doesn't exist.
A possible solution that can be used to get homeless people off the street would be by opening up more homeless shelters. Instead of spending money in the justice system they can be using that money to build more shelters. I believe that if that was to happen the government would be able to get help building those shelters from organization and people who are interested and devoted in helping eliminate homelessness.I know this solution won't get rid of the issue but it can help it a lot in my opinion. Another solution that can help this issue is by raising the minimum wage. I believe that by raising the minimum wage it will make it more realistic for people to be able to rent a 2 bedroom apartment without fearing that they won't have enough money. Recent studies show that families where only one person in the household works and get paid minimum wage don't make for the average rent of an apartment. Another factor that can also help is lowering the cost of rent or providing more financial help to those who can't afford it.
Homelessness affects the unemployment rate because most people or companies won't hire a homeless person to work for them or for their organizations/companies therefore making it difficult for a homeless person to get employed and get their life back on track.