Buildings in peril from interstate rebuild
<b>Avalon Document Services</b><br />901 N. State St.
<b>Veteran&apos;s Fastener Supply<br /></b>117 Butternut St.
<b>Divine Brothers Co.<br /></b>215 Genant Drive
426 N. Franklin St.<br />
<b>Spybaby Bridal</b><br />426 N. Franklin St.
<b>Learbury Centre<br /></b>329 N. Salina St.
<div>Herald Commons 220 Herald Place</div>
315-329 N. Salina St.
<b>One Webster Landing <br />(VIP Structures)<br /></b>1 Webster&apos;s Landing
<b>Knise &amp; Krick</b><br />400-404 Pearl St.<b></b>
<b>Knise &amp; Krick</b><br />324 Pearl St.
<b>Nettleton Shoe Building (former),<br />now Nettleton Commons<br /></b>315 E. Willow St.
<b>St. John the Evangelist (former)</b><b>,<br />now Samaritan Center</b><br />215 N. State St.
201 N. State St.<br />
<b>Sunoco Gas<br /></b>200 N. State St.
<b>Snowdon Apartments<br /></b>400 James St.<b><br /></b>
116 Burnet Ave.<br />
<b>CabFab</b><br />124 Burnet Ave.
132 Burnet Ave.<br />
<div>Speedway 400 Erie Blvd. E.</div>
<b>M&amp;T Bank</b><br />444 Erie Blvd. E.<b></b>
<b>Goodyear Auto Service Center</b><br />424 E. Water St.
<b>Smith Restaurant Supply<br /></b>500 Erie Blvd. E.
<b>Janitor Service</b> <b>(formerly part of Brennan Motor Co.)<br /></b>500 E. Water St.
<b>Brennan Motor Co.<br /></b>115 S. Townsend St.
501 E. Washington St.<br />
<div>Central New York Eye and Tissue Bank 517 E. Washington St.</div>
521 E. Washington St.
110 S. McBride St.<br />
511 E. Fayette St.<br />
603 E. Fayette St.<br />
<b>Peck Hall</b><br />601 E. Genesee St.
<b>McMahon/Ryan <br />Child Advocacy Center<br /></b>601 E. Genesee St.
<b>Presidential Plaza</b><br />600 E. Genesee St.<b></b>
701 Erie Blvd. E.<br />
<b>Grand Central Railroad Platform<br />(former)<br /></b>420 Burnet Ave.

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