Logos Examples in English Writing By: Emerson Clark
Example of Logos in a essay I wrote about Human trafficking. "Around 70 to 80 percent of women refugees enter human trafficking because they have no other way of surviving. To them there really is no end to the rain. That’s means only around 30 to 20 percent of women actually end up living a better and good life outside of North Korea."
This excerpt is from an essay I wrote about the famous raid on the Beaches of Normandy. "June 6,1944 the allied forces are traveling by boat and plane getting ready to storm the beaches at Normandy. 160,000 troops, 200 tanks, and a whole lot of will is what is going to lead the Americans to victory. Only lasting one day, the battle goes down as one of the bloodiest and goriest battles to have ever occurred."
The excerot here is from a CCF we have done in English where I touched on the topic of Air Disasters and if people should be scared to fly on planes. "Following the recent German Airbus disaster and other recent crashes like MH370 and Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, Casey tries to open peoples eyes to the fact that they should not be scared when they board a plane but rather be at ease knowing that they will get to their desired destination."
This final excerpt is from a English speech I wrote concerning the times kids spend in school and if students should have shorter school weeks. "More than 50 percent of school districts cut spending on extra-curricular activities in the 2013-2014 school year; and for the average school district in the United States, 29 percent of positions were eliminated which led to the average class size increasing by 62 percent."

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