Unequal Distribution of Wealth- Racial Wealth Divide
The typical white family earns $50,400 a year, while the typical black family earns $32,038 and the typical Latino family earns $36,840. (forbes)
In 2011, 34% of whites completed a four-year college degree, whereas just 20% of blacks and 13% of Hispanics were able to complete it.(Forbes)
The gaps between the three races shown above are a result of home values in white neighborhoods and colored neighborhood. (Forbes) blogs-images.forbes.com
There are many reason as to why there is such an unequal distribution of wealth in America. Among them is the fact that there is an increasing racial wealth gap in our country. This gap is an effect of unequal pay, education, and living conditions among races, specifically Latino, Black, and White. These problems are not ones that have recently emerged, they have grown overtime.

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