The Prince and the Pauper--Hero's Journey
Status Quo: Edward is back to being the King and living in his royal palace.<br />
Edward invites Tom into his palace. Edward and Tom trade clothes. Edward leaves the palace in Tom&apos;s clothes and is mistaken for a poor boy.<br />
Edward meets Miles Hendon, who helps him throughout his journey.<br />
Edward discovers that people are treated by how they are dressed. England is once again happy.<br />
Return: Edward returns during Tom&apos;s coronation, and is rightly crowned as King.<br />
The King&apos;s Palace<br />
The poor towns of London<br />
Departure: Edward is taken with Tom&apos;s father into the country, which is unknown to him.<br />
Edward has to face Tom&apos;s father, while he is shown off as a mad boy.<br />
Approach: Hendon and Edward get ready to take on Hugo and the unlawful things that his group has done.<br />
Crisis: Edward has to face an unlawful act for getting caught holding a stolen package. He is then taken to jail.<br />
Treasure: He learns that not everyone is guilty of a crime that people think they are.
New Life: As King, Edward makes Tom the &quot;King&apos;s Ward&quot;, Hendon gets to keep the honor of setting in front of the king, and so does his heirs. He is also made a knight.<br />
Result: Edward gets a short sentence and is later freed. Hendon and him start making their way to London.

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