People say that they used the light and the glass was used to set enemy ships on fire but scientists do not believe that claim<br />
watch this to learn more<br /> A Climb Up the Pharos Lighthouse... -
there was a plague that had the king&apos;s name on it it when it chipped away there was a message from the architect underneath<br /> News and articles relating to ancient human origins, archaeology, anthropology, scientific mysteries, sacred writings, ancient places and more.
to get the stones all the way to the top they had to use many different tools look at this website to find out and more<br /> Lighthouse of Alexandria - Wikipedia
here is where you can find the lighthouse of Alexandria it is next to the Nile river and looks over the Mediterranean <br />
since this was the most popular trading harbor the lighthouse helped guide the ships in without hitting any of the rocks on their way in<br />
the lighthouse has spiral stairs all the way up and 2 viewing decks at the top there is also a place for a person to manage the light<br />
One reason that this should be in the 7wonders of the world because it has mystery like how when the plague with the kings name on it chipped away it revealed a message with the architects name on it.<br />
Another reason this should be in the 7 wonders of the world is that it took them a long time to get all of the stones to the higher places because in that time there wasn&apos;t the advanced technology we have today so it took alot of determination<br />
lastly this lighthouse kept all of the people coming in for trade safe since this was on of the most popular harbors and this lighthouse helped guide them away from obstacles! <br />
since there was a huge earthquake the tower was destroyed but people are planning to rebuild it.<br />
At the top there is a statue of Poseidon the god of the sea because they believed that it would give them good luck when ever they went sailing!<br />