The Princess Bride William Goldman A fairly tale and adve...
The Princess Bride William Goldman A fairly tale and adventure book about the most beautiful woman in the world. She falls in love with her farm boy. He leaves her and promises to come back for her. He must get through many obstacles when she is kidnapped and nearly killed.
I chose this book because I love adventure. A book about adventure all mixed in with the concept of the quest for true love is interesting to me. I have seen the movie and I thought that it would be cool to see some of the similarities and differences between the two. It is also easier for me to visualize some of the characters, and events that happen in the book when I can watch the movie scene in my head.
This book falls under Adventure. Adventure involves risk taking, a heroic protagonist, and excitement/danger. It also may include unusual locations, and the hero must solve suspenseful puzzles adm intricate obstacles. Adventure writing is some of the most exciting work writers can do, but what if you can get your work to appeal to readers of more than one genre?
In my book, Westley is the heroic protagonist, his whole mission for his life is to end up with Buttercup. When Buttercup is kidnapped, he knows he must rescue her. He fights many people, dies, comes back to life, and saves her therefore he is a hero. This book also has a lot of sword fighting and hand battles. There are many intricate obstacles such as the Cliffs of Insanity, and the Fire swamp that are also unusual locations.
While The Princess Bride is very entertaining, there is a larger purpose of it. He had asked his daughters what they wanted their next bedtime story to be about. One of them said princesses, and the other one said brides. That is why he wrote this novel. This book is also the only novel that he actually likes. William Goldman biography, filmography, credits, news by
One of the entertainment aspects of this book is the foil. Fezzik and Vizzini are opposites and they compliment each others skills very well. Fezzik is a giant, while Vizzini is short. Fezzik is very strong while he is not that intelligent. Vizzini is not that strong. While yes he can fight he is not great at it. He is very witty and smart he will battle with his wits as opposed to Fezzik throwing boulders. It is very entertaining to read how the two communicate with each other, and it gives purpose to the book.
One of the major themes in this book is the quest for true love. Westley and Buttercup fall in love on her farm. Westley leaves but he promises to come back for her. They are deeply in love and they swear not to love anyone else until death. “I hear you now, and I promise you this: I will never love anyone else. Only Westley. Until I die.” (Goldman 60) When Buttercup is kidnapped it is a real quest. Westley sets out on his own adventure to rescue Buttercup so that they may live happily together. This is very entertaining because there are many obstacles that end up in his way and he has to go through so much in order to save his true love.
Part of what makes this book entertaining is the conflict. One of the conflicts occurs when Westley dies. This is an example of character vs destiny or fate. If he dies he can not complete his quest for his true love, Buttercup. “Westley lay dead by the Machine.” (Goldman 289) When he dies it makes the reader excited and worried for what will happen next. It makes them wonder if Buttercup will be saved, and if the quest for true love will ever be completed.
Would it be possible for a human to swim in quick sand? In The Princess Bride, Westley dives into the Snow Sand to save Buttercup. He even lets go of a vine and then finds her beneath the sand. I do not think that this is possible. I feel like you would suffocate. I thought that this would be an interesting topic for an inquiry because it is not a normal thing that regularly happens. People do not regularly swim in quick sand. I would like to find out if this is scientifically possible.
According to Mr. Lowrey a Ralston Valley Earth Science, and Physics teacher "Quicksand forms when there is standing water underneath the sand." When asked if it would be possible to swim in quicksand he replied, "You could swim in quicksand just as you could swim in Jello. There is a force that you could push against like when you swim in water."
Bear Grylls shows how to get out of quicksand. In the video he says that the thing that would kill you isn't the quicksand, it is after you get stuck in it you starve and the sun gets to you. In the Princess Bride Westley is able to get out of the sand with Buttercup. This shows that it would indeed be possible. quicksand
To research my inquiry I decided to interview an earth science teacher here at school. I found out that it would be possible to swim in quicksand. I then found a video by Bear Grylls which taught people how to get out of quicksand. Mr. Lowrey explained the science behind quicksand and swimming. He said that because water gives you a force to push against which lets you swim it would be possible to swim in quicksand. I chase these sources because I knew they would be credible considering that one is a science teacher, and the other one is a survival expert. I faced a few challenges like who i was going to interview and when it would happen. I was able to overcome the challenges to get my interview completed.
Human Condition: True love exists. In the book Westley and Buttercup are deeply in love with each other, and they know that nothing can stop them. “Do you want me to follow you for the rest of your days?” (Goldman 54) By Buttercup saying this, it means that she will follow him forever until they are able to be together. This teaches society that true love exists. This may inspire people to never stop loving even if it is a simple relationship. For example in Romeo and Juliet, the two are deeply in love as well and they will not stop until they can be together. They will continue searching for each other until death do them part which is true in that case because they both die. From humanity I can learn that true love does exist and that sometimes it takes many obstacles to find it but it can always be found. True love is real and it is not a myth but it is a universal truth.
Self: One of the universal truths in this book is that adventure exists in everyone. By this I mean no one no matter who they are can have adventure. “… a Turk, was easily the biggest human being she had ever seen.” (Goldman 100) Fezzik was a ginormous man ad yet the entire book he was going on adventures and he was having a good time on them. This shows too me that no matter what I can still have an adventure. For example if someone were to perhaps tell me that I am too young to explore and go on adventures, I can think of Fezzik and how he was a giant and he still was able to have wonderful adventures.
Community: I am connecting the fact that violence exists everywhere to my community. In the book, Prince Humperdinck has something called the Zoo of Death. Every day he goes to this place and kills something. “He made it a practice never to let a day go by without killing something.” (Goldman 72) This shows that there are some very horrible people even in modern times in my community. For example a pregnant woman was answering a Craigslist add and the person cut her baby out of her womb. It is proof that there is violence everywhere because there are such horrible people out there that they would do such a terrible thing. Dynel Lane will not face murder charges for allegedly cutting and removing an unborn baby from the mother's womb, an official said.

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